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Loc8tor Pet

The smallest and most accurate system for finding your cat if he or she goes missing or even just when you want her to come in for dinner. Sometimes cats get lost, and sometimes they just take a walk on the wild side. Either way, Loc8tor Pet can help you find them quickly and easily.

Loc8tor Pet
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Loc8tor Pet - The World's Best-Selling Cat Finder

Thousands of British cat owners trust it to locate their adventurous cats and curious kittens, whether they've gotten lost, gone for a wander, or even just to call them in for dinner.
It offers the best range in the world for its type and the only known fully directional handset.

People love Loc8tor Pet because...


It gives you the best possible chance for finding your cat
The most effective safety net, the Loc8tor Pet will give you real peace of mind by enabling you to pro-actively find your cat in the event that they don’t come home.



Shows you which way to walk to find your cat
Loc8tor Pet's unique dual directional technology system gives you both audio and visual cues to guide you right to your cat.



Pinpoint accuracy to within 1 inch (2.5cm)
Curious cats can get themselves into all sorts of scrapes, and sometimes they just like to hide. Our patented RF-based technology is accurate enough to find where she's hiding in a bush, under the bed, or even more obscure places.



Long range – up to 400 feet (122m)
Loc8tor Pet can track up to 400 feet in clear line of sight, so you can find your cat where she's hiding in the house as well as in neighbouring gardens and streets. Cats are mostly territorial, and tend not to stray too far!



Long battery life (up to 7 months)
Unlike GPS trackers, Loc8tor Pet is there when you need it for months on end. Replacement batteries are inexpensive and because you get two homing tags in the pack, you've always got a spare.



Smallest, lightest tag – just 5g
It takes seconds to fit the lightweight tag to your cat's collar with the splashproof case (supplied), and no time at all to learn how to use the intuitive handset – just press the button, and follow the audio and visual cues leading you to your cat.



Splashproof protection for your tags
For some added protection and reassurance, we have included some splashproof tag cases, which not only make it easier to attach the tags to your cat's collar, but also aim to increase the lifespan of your tags by protecting them from water damage.



One-off payment with no monthly charges
Loc8tor Pet is designed to be a one-off buy. With no hidden charges or rental costs, it's a single payment to protect your cat for years.

Suitable for Partial or No Sight Suitable for Partial or No Sight

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Pack Contents

1 x Loc8tor Handset
2 x Mini Homing Tags
2 x Pet Splashproof cases
2 x Splashproof cases
Keyring loops and adhesive tag strips
Magnetic Fridge Mount for handset
Multi-language user guide
All batteries are included


Up 122m / 400ft in open space
Range may vary depending on environmental factors, location and the object being located.

Refer to the guide below:

Size of the handset

86mm x 54mm x 6mm
3.4 "x 2.13" x 0.23 inches

Size of the tag
30.5mm (H) x 19.5mm (L), x 8.5mm (D)
1.2 "(H) x 0.8" (L) x 0.3 "(D)

Weight of the tag 

Weight: 5 grams; 0.175 ounces

Device: 1 x CR2032 (lithium cell)
Tags: 2 x SR54 (silver oxide) or equivalent
Expected battery life with batteries supplied is 2-7 months (this will vary with use).

Please see click on your frequently asked question below, if you do not see the question you wish to ask then please contact us.

How does the Loc8tor Pet work?

How many items can I protect with my Loc8tor Pet?

What range does Loc8tor Pet have?

How accurate is it ? 

How do I actually find something?

Will it locate the Tags through obstacles such as fences or walls?

Can Loc8tor detect whether your pet is upstairs or downstairs?

Does Loc8tor work abroad?

How do I attach a Tag to the pet I wish to protect?

How do I know which button to press to search for it?

Will Tags owned by other people affect my Loc8tor Handheld?

Are the Tags water resistant?

How do I get an additional copy of the manual ?


Q - How does the Loc8tor Pet work?
A - Loc8tor uses a blend of exciting new technologies and traditional radio frequency (RF) technology.

Both Tags and Handheld transmit and receive radio signals. The Loc8tor Handheld picks up this signal. Whilst the Tag beeps to help guide you in the Handset actually points you in the direction to walk. Using clear audio and visual prompts just follow the direction with the strongest signal


Q - How many items can I protect with my Loc8tor Pet?
A- Up to 4. The pack comes with 2 homing tags but an extra two mini homing tags can be purchased.


Q - What range does Loc8tor Pet have?
A - Loc8tor Pet has a typically range of up to 122m / 400 feet. This is based upon an outdoor application with clear line of sight. In certain environments you can find over a greater distance. Obstacles such as walls, floors, cupboards and other people will reduce the maximum range proportionately.


Q – How accurate is it ?
A – The Loc8tor Pet handset will guide you to within 2.5cm / 1” of your possessions.

Q - How do I actually find something?
A – Switching the handset on and select the item you want to find. So long as the tag is in range the handset will pick up its signal. Now turn around in a full circle keeping the handset pointing straight in front of you. Now walk in the direction of the strongest signal. The Loc8tor uses audio with varying pitch - higher when you are pointing in the right direction and visual -Red, amber and then green to indicate you are getting closer. Repeat full circle if you are ever unsure which direction to walk in.

Q - Will it locate the Tags through obstacles such as fences or walls?
A - Yes, however the maximum range will be reduced. Actual range will vary depending on what’s between the tagged item and handset

Q - Can Loc8tor detect whether your pet is upstairs or downstairs?
A - Yes, Loc8tor is fully directional and will provide guidance left and right, and up and down. You will get the strongest signal when you are pointing directly at the tag. First complete a full circle. As you get closer try pointing to the ceiling (if you are downstairs) or to the floor (if upstairs)

Q - Does Loc8tor work abroad?
A - Yes, Loc8tor works on the 2.45GHz ISM frequency band which is available worldwide.


Q - How do I attach a Tag to the pet I wish to protect?
A – Select one of the Splashproof tag cases included within the pack. Making sure you’ve registered the tag to the handset first insert the tag into the silicon case. This can now be attached directly to i.e. the pets collar using the split ring on the collar or feeding the collar through the silicon case.

Q - How do I know which button to press to search for it?
A - When you register each new Tag you are able to assign it to one of the four buttons on the front. Make a note which pet is assigned to which button on the slip provided. This can either be stuck to the back of the handset or onto the bracket provided.

Q - Will Tags owned by other people affect my Loc8tor Handheld?
A - No. Each Tag is uniquely registered to your Handheld during a simple set up process. It is then impossible for other Handhelds to track find your pet.

Q- Are the Tags water resistant?
A- Not unless used with our Splashproof case included within the pack.

Q- How do I get an additional copy of the manual ?
A- Click this link and save it to your computer or print 

Top Customer Tip... When using the Loc8tor to find your tagged pet, the mini homing tag will emit a beeping noise. Many of our users have trained their pet to respond to this beeping, using conditioning training, so that the animal associates the beeping noise with being fed, or getting a treat. That way, the pet knows to return home as soon as it hears the beeping. In the vast majority of cases the beeping will have no adverse effect on your pet.

This is what D.Morris said...“One of our cats went missing for two weeks, so during this awful time we looked into something for our other cat. Luckily we found Loc8tor Pet and ordered one straight away. This product is amazing it gives us complete piece of mind. We have small walled gardens and still get a signal. Our missing cat returned after two weeks so they both have them now. We've even managed to train them to come back when it beeps. I can't recommend this product enough!”

PLEASE NOTE: Loc8tor mini homing tags are NOT water resistant or waterproof and can be liable to break if exposed to water. We recommend the use of Loc8tor splashproof cases to attach the tags to your pets collar (two included in Loc8tor Pet pack).

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