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Loc8tor Pet GPS

Quickly track and locate your pet with our superb state-of-the-art GPS pet tracker, featuring online live monitoring from your mobile, tablet or computer.

Loc8tor Pet GPS
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Our Pet GPS tracker uses the satellites of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to identify your dog's position virtually anywhere in the world, so long as it's outdoors. Our online mapping technology can be accessed from any internet-connected device – smartphone, tablet or laptop – and allows you to track your dog in real time so you can see where they are, and where they've been.

Due to size and weight, this device is not suitable for cats but is perfect for dogs and larger animals.

Process of purchasing GPS

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Loc8tor GPS technology lets you track your device in almost any country either online or by your mobile / cell phone. It will automatically detect and connect to a suitable mobile network (same as a mobile phone).

Pack Contents

1 x Loc8tor Pet GPS 
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Loc8tor Pet GPS Pet Pouch

Using your GPS

Please note GPS technology is designed for use outside. It’s not suitable for locating the whereabouts of something indoors.

GPS Dimensions

66mm (H) x 36mm (W) x 20mm (D) / 2.6" (H) x 1.4" (W) x 0.8" (D)Weight: 60 grams, 2.11 Oz

Battery Life

In active mode with your GPS constantly reporting expect battery life to last between 3 - 14 days. Although rechargeable, the battery life will vary depending on the frequency you set it to report. In battery save mode with your GPS waking up just once a day to report its position battery can last up to 9 months.

NEW Battery Save Mode

Enables you to massively extend your battery life from a few weeks to up to 9 months! In this mode you set how often you want your device to report. Once an hour through to once a day so you can keep a periodical check your device is where it’s meant to be. The rest of the time it’s fast asleep conserving battery. Need to change the settings and know where it is? Just send it a command and when it next wakes up it can go back to real time live tracking mode.

Works right out of the box

The Loc8tor Pet GPS tracker is very easy to use. As soon as you have received your device you can login on our website and be taken straight to the Loc8tor tracking panel The Loc8tor Pet GPS is not waterproof but with it's whilst inside its pouch it is splashproof.

The Loc8tor GPS

The Loc8tor GPS tracker is one of the smallest and best performing GPS trackers available today and comes complete with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike most other GPS tracking devices that tie you into expensive 12 or 24 month fixed contracts at Loc8tor we have designed our services so that no fixed monthly contract need be entered into.

Feature Packed Tracking Panel enables you to :

•    See address where your device is.
•    Direction it’s travelling.
•    Speed it’s moving.
•    Last date & time it reported its position.
•    Frequency you’ve set it to report its position.
•    Battery Level.
•    GPS signal strength.
•    Whether the device is on or sleeping.
•    Whether you have any safety zones setup.
•    Whether an Alarm has been activated.
•    If it’s charging.
•    Set Motion Alert.
•    Credits left / days available until package expires.
•    Map or Satellite (photo) view.
•    Ability to change frequency device reports.
•    Multiple Contact e-mail address or phone numbers to receive alerts.
•    Ability to set up multiple safety zones warning when GPS comes into or leaves an area.
•    History.
•    Plus more 

Feature Packed Tracking Panel

This advanced GPS Pet Tracker gives you full control of your device via our easy to use online and mobile tracking panel. So wherever you are, you can check in and see the location of your pet. Whether controlling how often your device reports i.e. every 10 seconds to once a day, setting up safe zones that will alert you as soon as your pet moves into or out of any area you've predefined, our control panel makes it incredibly easy to use. The Loc8tor Pet GPS includes many features other devices either don’t offer or charge excessive fees for.


How Credits Work

The Loc8tor GPS tracker works the same as a Pay As You Go mobile phone where you purchase the phone and then purchase your minutes. We use a live sim card to send data on its position which then enables you to monitor on a map.

How to Buy

Simply select the period you want to track for. There are no hidden extras. All our packages are low cost whilst maintaining quality and comprehensive capabilities. Price ranges from £1.28 per day for a 1 monthly package to 41p a day for 12 months. The panel will show you how long you have left until your credit expires at which point you can renew.


1 month top up      3 month top up      6 month top up      12 month top up
1 Month Credit
     3 Months Credit
     6 Months Credit
     12 Months Credit


What You Get

As part of your monthly package you receive unlimited locate credits meaning you decide how fequently your device reports its location. Your device can report its position as little as every 10 seconds giving realtime tracking (please note this will effect battery life) or once a day to gain maximum battery life using our new "battery save" mode.

You will also have 50 SMS credits to use. These credits are used when you want to change how often the device reports, change any other setting or receive a text Alert to your phone. It’s extremely unusual to need more. These are clearly shown in the bottom right hand corner of the panel. Mainly for heavy duty businesses users additional SMS credits can be purchased. 

Quick Feature Guide

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