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Ideal for carers and sufferers of Alzheimer's, Dementia and Autism

2 year warranty and 14 day money back guarantee

Loc8tor Plus Pack “ The Loc8tor Plus is an excellent product. My wife and I look after an uncle who, sadly, has dementia and keeps losing important articles such as keys etc. The Loc8tor finds the tagged articles in minutes and has saved us many hours of searching. A brilliant gadget and worth every penny. ”D Webb, South Wales Read more


Good Housekeeping Magazine

“ I found the system was a very accurate way of keeping tabs on my car keys, wallet and pets around the home. It is also easy and fun to use. ”
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See how Terry Pratchett uses his Loc8tor.

Loc8tor Living Aids & Assistive Technology

Ideal for carers & sufferers of Alzheimer's, Dementia & Autism.

Suffering from a debilitating condition is difficult for everyone involved…
Whether it's finding everyday items like lost glasses, misplaced medication or even your family member, Loc8tor has proven to be an invaluable help to tens of thousands of people around the world.

What if you could enhance your loved one's quality of life, give them more independence and reduce your own stress and worry at the same time? What if you could give someone the means to maintain their dignity and self sufficiency that bit longer? Now you can!

How will you choose to protect your family?

Loc8tor offers you three ways to keep your loved ones safe and help maintain their independence. All come with our two-year manufacturer guarantee and 14 day money back guarantee !

Loc8tor Lite

Loc8tor Lite

Use the credit card sized handset to find everyday items in the house, garden and around the neighbourhood. It guides you which way to walk, even working through doors and walls. Range up to 122 metres / 400 feet.

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Loc8tor Plus

Loc8tor Plus

Ideal early warning device. The Alert mode informs you the instant any tagged item moves outside of your pre-determined safe zone. Great if you have a tendency to leave things behind! Can't remember where you left it? The Loc8tor handset can also be used to see which direction it is and guide you which way to walk to find it. Range up to 183 metres / 600 feet.

Only £99.99 | Buy It Now

Loc8tor GPS

Loc8tor GPS Tracker

With Loc8tor GPS tracking devices, you can monitor and track their movements with live GPS online or get their location address by GPS tracking sent direct to your mobile / cell phone.

Additionally you can set up a safe zone, so as soon as your loved one or items wander too far you will be alerted immediately and able to track it or find it fast.

Leading the way in Assistive Technology, Loc8tor GPS trackers will enable those you care for to maintain their independence, whilst giving you total peace of mind that you can see where they are on a real time live tracking system, either on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Loc8tor products make daily living easier in three ways:

Finds Possessions or people can be found either using the Loc8tor handset which actually guides you which way to walk or via an online map.
Alerts A parent or carer can define a safe zone outside which a person is not to go. Should they cross this invisible boundary, Loc8tor will immediately warn you.
Panic Alarm If the person needs help one press of the Panic button immediately alerts the parent or carer.

Examples of where Loc8tor is currently used

Autism, Alzheimers, Dementia

Vital early warning system that alerts you as soon as they’ve wandered too far. Quickly  find those things they put in their special hiding places.

Care for the elderly, Care at home

Loc8tor is an 'Assistive Technology' that prolongs a person's ability to live on their own. Whilst it's common for us to become more forgetful as we get older Loc8tor enables everyday items like keys, the TV remote, glasses case, walking stick etc to be quickly found.

Partial or No Sight Blind Icon

Brail buttons and audio feedback on the Loc8tor Lite are effective and easy to use. It's the only locating device of its kind currently available that visually impaired people can use. The audio cues guide you which way to walk to find your lost item and even work through doors and walls.

Deaf and Hard of hearing Deaf Icon

All Loc8tors use both audio and visual cues to direct users which way to walk to find their lost items. The visual display is simple and intuitive.

Hospitals and Primary Care Trusts

We have supplied several hospitals and local councils (PCT) – please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Don't take our word for it!

Read what some of the 10,000's of Loc8tor customers have said:

“You have NO IDEA what this device has meant to my parents! My father is 90 years old and he has lost most of his short-term memory. Every few days he loses his keys to the house or his glasses case.  Without your device I think we would have already spent thousands of dollars changing locks and buying glasses! Thanks again. ”
C. Ojserkis Atlantic City, New Jersey
“ I love your product. I am currently reordering more tags. I use it especially to track my austistic son's ipod and other small electronics. I also always attach one to his clothing so that I can find him if he wanders away. I can always find my keys. I would attach it to my cats if they would tolerate a collar. I have had the orginal pack for over a year and they still work like new. ”J. Gravino USA

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