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Loc8tor Plus
Review by Ann, Aberdeen.
As a registerd child minder looking after several childern, their safety is the most important factor.  I find the Loc8tor plus ideal for keeping the childern safe, yet allowing them to play in the park when i take them out.   Marks out of ten 1 being lowest and 10 the best I would give the Locator 10+
Loc8tor Plus is truly a first class piece of equipment!
Loc8tor Pet
Review by Hannake, Netherlands
We have 2 cats and one of my cats had been missing several times. He was always some where nearby, but because we didn't know where we should look, it took always a few days to find him. Those days were always hard for me, because I didn't know where my cat was and if he was hurt or dead. So when I read about the loc8tor, I was very interested and decided to buy it. The same day when we got the loc8tors, we put them on the cats. Later that evening my other cat did not come home. Using the loc8tor, we tracked him behind a factory, but because it was very dark, we could not find him. In the morning we went again looking for him. Then we saw him in a tree, he climbed 15 meters high and was afraid to climb down. We were able tot rescue him with the help of the firemen. I was so happy to find him. If we did not had the loc8tor, we were never able to find him, because he was in a place where we never come.
But with the help of the loc8tor we have him safe back in our home!
I am very grateful for that!
Loc8tor Pet
Review by Rachel, UK
A couple of days ago one of my cats went missing. Bertie never wanders far and we had become very concerned and started searching for him using the Loc8tor tracking device we purchased from you in December last year. We live in a very rural environment which meant trouping miles across hilly countryside. The weather was deplorable, raining, high winds and very, very cold. Using the Loc8tor we tracked Bertie and eventually found him up a big tree, on the banks of a burn in full spate, and on the opposite side. We would never have imagined Bertie could have crossed this burn (we still don’t know how he managed it!). We even doubted the Loc8tor and thought that the signal was being ‘interfered’ with by an electrical power box nearby. Bertie let out a loud meow and we were right in front of him on the other side of the burn – we will remember to look upwards as well as on the ground next time! To find him was absolutely amazing given the conditions and the distance away from home. My husband has estimated that the distance from where we actually picked up the first ‘bleep’ was at least 500 yards away from where Bertie was (in a straight line and with nothing in between to break the signal).
We are very impressed and we wanted to say thanks for providing such a life saver! If it hadn’t been for the Loc8tor I seriously doubt we would have found him.
Many thanks again from me and Bertie!
Loc8tor Pet
Review by Linda with Doris Dane, UK
I take three dogs up into the forest every day and it rains a lot. I have no worries with the other two (one of whom is a career criminal but she saves it for when she's home) but Doris, a fearful creature who is afraid of wheelie bins, bikes, notice boards, baby buggies, etc. (you name it) when near home, turns into the Dog From Hell when amongst the pine trees and likes to disappear into them. The Loc8tor Pet is a blessing.
Loc8tor Pet
Review by Melissa, New Zealand
I have two cats who mean the world to me ........... I was worried they wouldn't tolerate the tags, but to my surprise, they have no problem with them......... The Loc8tor pet is an absolute godsend and worth every cent!
Loc8tor Pet
Review by F M Williams, United Kingdom
I thought I'd drop you a line to say the Loc8tor Pet is the best thing I've bought!'s fantastic for finding my cat .......There's no escape for my cat now! Brilliant product.
Loc8tor Plus
Review by Mark Finch - Ascot
My two and a half year old daughter has a small cloth toy rabbit that was purchased when she was a baby that she takes everywhere. We have spent hours searching in utter desperation, at theme parks, shopping centres and similar, desperately re-tracing our tracks when the rabbit has inadvertently been dropped or when it has been hidden in the myriad of places that small children think cloth rabbits should hide. To our horror we have checked and learnt that the rabbit is now discontinued so a replacement is not a consideration. (I should have bought two)! I decided to purchase the Loc8tor Plus and with some very minor fabric surgery and some brown thread the loc8tor was put in with the stuffing, not discernable to the small proud owner. Oh! how are lives have changed for the better, whilst we still keep an eye out for wabbit and his adventures, we can with the press of a button locate him in the garden flower beds, at the top of the slide, inside the TV cabinet, or wherever else his owner wishes to deposit him, making sure we find him return him promptly before tears ensue. So glowing with our success, on a recent trip with 14 adults and 11 children for a weekend break at a seaside resort I attached one to the belt buckle of my 5 year old son. Well as all the parents were shouting at the top of their voices for their children, who were occupied half way down the beach to return to our deck chairs, a press on the button alerted my son from his intensive digging, that he was to return. The loc8tor sounded and he quickly trotted back along the beach both of us beaming leaving the other parents gloating as they continued to scream above the sound of the waves, seagulls and the offshore wind in the vain hope that their children would hear them.
Loc8tor Plus
Review by J. Gravino USA
I love your product. I am currently reordering more tags. I use it especially to track my austistic son's ipod and other small electronics. I also always attach one to his clothing so that I can find him if he wanders away. I can always find my keys ......
Loc8tor Lite
Review by Maureen - Wellingborough
I would like to write and say a huge thank you for your help and kindness. As I told you my husband has cardio vascular disease and losing things is a daily occurrence. I need your wonderful loc8tor to help keep me calm and not adding to my stress. The expense has been more than compensated, in the case of quickly finding keys and alarms. Makes life so much calmer. The help you and your staff provided coupled with your patience was greatly appreciated, you can quote me anytime as a very satisfied customer.
Loc8tor Lite
Review by C. Mendez - USA
I just wanted to thank you for the Loc8tor Lite. I've had the product for less than 1 week and it has already paid for itself. We have a young cat that we picked up from the local animal shelter who has been very unlucky in her young life. She became blind in one eye following an infection that she contracted while at the shelter. The thing we didn't know when we adopted her was that she had a poor sense of direction. Today she went missing while I was out playing golf. Upon my arrival home my wife advised me that she had not seen Nicky since early this afternoon. Although very concerned I took out the Loc8tor Lite and within 20 minutes I found her in the woods across the street, behind a neighbors shed. She is now safe at home purring happily. Thank you again.
Loc8tor Plus
Review by D. Park, United Kingdom
Best Tracking Device - Just to let you know the Loc8tor Plus is fantastic - the best hundred quid I have spent for a very long time!
Loc8tor GPS
Review by Sara - London
Love the tracking device Loc8tor GPS and just wanted to tell you how much we’ve come to rely on it. My husband because of his condition frequently wanders off. I can now see exactly where he is and pick him up quickly without all the stress and uncertainty of trying to find him. Thank you for such a great tracking product.
Loc8tor Lite
Review by C. Graham, South Africa
I just bought the Loc8tor Lite package, and I'm absolutely gobsmacked!  The first thing I've done is immediately to order two more tags. I've been looking for just such a device for ages and am delighted to have found it at last.  I can hardly believe how you have miniaturised the whole thing and yet packed it with such superb functionality! It's fan-bloody-tastic, and I think you should be nominated for a Nobel Prize!  And I shall most definitely tell all my friends all about it. Well done, many thanks, and best regards.
Loc8tor Plus
Review by D Webb, South Wales
The Loc8tor Plus is an excellent tracking device. My wife and I look after an uncle who, sadly, has dementia and keeps losing important articles such as keys etc. The Loc8tor finds the tagged articles in minutes and has saved us many hours of searching. A brilliant tracking gadget and worth every penny.
Loc8tor Lite
Review by Tony, Sydney Australia
About three weeks ago, my R/C model plane had a mid-air collision with one belonging to a fellow club member. Its tail was torn off and it disappeared going down vertically into gum trees about 200 metres away. We collected the Loc8tor and headed down a fire trail into the bush. We were at the correct spot, looking in the wrong direction when the Loc8tor said "look behind you dummy" or sounds to that effect. We finally found the plane just behind us, cunningly concealed about 15 metres up a gum tree. Without the Loc8tor tracking device we would probably still be looking! Good news: it's rebuilt and ready to fly again.
Loc8tor Lite
Review by G. Goodhue, Hawaii
AI fly RC helicopters. Yes, it's expensive especially if you crash or lose your aircraft in tall grass - which happens! Thanks to the Loc8tor Lite I found my Heli, took it back to the table to see why it went down. I noticed the Loc8tor was missing, the velcro didn't hold. It must have come off on my way out of the tall grass, looking at that seven feet tall vegetation I thought  I'll will never find the Loc8tor Homing Tag again. To cut a long story short, the Loc8tor led me right to it.
Loc8tor Lite
Review by C. Ojserkis Atlantic City, New Jersey
You have NO IDEA what this tracking device has meant to my parents! My father is 90 years old and he has lost most of his short term memory. Every few days he loses his keys to the house or his glasses case.  Without your tracking device I think we would have already spent thousands of dollars changing locks and buying glasses! Thanks again.
Loc8tor Pet
Review by D. Astle, Liverpool
I just wanted to say that the pet tracking device Loc8tor Pet is an absolutely brilliant product..... We've found him locked in airing cupboard, hiding under the stairs and in the garden. He's still a kitten and very adventurous and a few days ago he managed to climb over the neighbours fence but wasn't able to get back out. Luckily we managed to find him straight away hiding under some potted plants because it was pouring with rain. If we hadn't had the loc8tor he probably would have been there for days. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who has a cat or a kitten!
Loc8tor Lite
Review by J. Wellard, UK
Dear Loc8tor.
I must say that after spending many hours in the past searching for lost keys, usually when I am late or the car is loaded up ready to leave or even late at night when I go to lock up and find an empty hook where the bunch of keys should be, I have always thought that it would be a great idea to have some kind of locating device.
Having seen a few of these in the ‘junk mail’ catalogues I always dismissed them feeling they wouldn’t work, however when I saw your stand at The Festival Of Speed at Goodwood a couple of weeks ago I was very impressed with the quality of the LOC8TOR and although I did think they were rather expensive decided to buy one with two extra locating sensors.
Brilliant, last week I was running late for a long drive up to my factory in Newcastle under Lyme and just couldn’t find my car keys, the Loc8tor lead me right to them, they were actually in my briefcase on the driving seat of my car which was in the garage. It would have taken me – well I don’t know how long to find them there. Previous to that I started to search again for missing car keys when the Loc8tor found that I had put them back in a metal key safe.
Yes, the loc8tor was not cheap but it is very well made and takes away that panic when you really need keys and just end up rushing around in circles getting into more and more of a panic. In fact it’s rather fun to find keys missing – Brilliant – highly recommended.