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Excellent Device!!! Review by TomsCats
We have 2 cats who are possibly the most spoilt cats on earth. The male cat Patches is very independent and loves to go exploring around the neighborhood. He has recently taken to wandering an open field across the road and down by the river. We have used the Loc8tor to find him every night and has helped us to have a restful night sleep. Our second cat is a timid little female and never wanders far from home. The other night she wasn't home so we started to panic. We used the loc8tor looking for her all over the neighborhood. At first we couldn't find her, but then the Locator picked her up and she was stuck up a tree in a neighbor's house that had dogs and other cats. Fortunately they were home and were kind enough to let us into their garden to try and get her. She was high up in a tree and fearful of coming down as the dogs were barking. We managed to coax her down and whilst she was shaking and shivering from fear, we were glad to get her home and in her little comfort zone. It really has been a life saver for us as we worry about them when they are out at night and prefer them to be indoors when we go to bed.

Definitely one of the best investments we have made!!! (Posted on 3/25/14)
Very happy Review by Christy
I have 5 cats currently. All go outside, two would stay out all time if weather permitted, the others go outside but prefer inside mostly. After loosing one of the sweetest cats I've ever had, several close calls (found one in a neighbors basement after gone a week), I decided I couldn't take the anxiety & worry anymore. After unsuccessfully using other systems I decided to try the pet loc8tor system. The loc8tor device/system is very easy to setup. After I first put these on each of my cats collars, I tested it daily just make sure all tags were working etc., I noticed most time I could get a signal on the hand device from inside even on my cats that were outside. Quickly kitties learned the beeping was me calling them and they would come to door shortly after activating the device. Now most time if I want them inside I just call them with the device. The other day I heard lots of barking & noise outside..I was also sick with laryngitis & couldn't call my cat if I wanted. I don't know why but I was concerned one of cats that was outside could be in trouble.
I took the loc8tor hand device with me outside & got a signal weak at first but followed it over and up one house away where my cat usually doesn't got. I looked up & saw him jump over fence toward me. He always comes to me, but he darted underneath a neighbor's house (empty right now) in front of mine, he was spooked and scared. I didn't see him go underneath the house, but I confirmed he was there because I could hear the beeping underneath & saw it too. I was going to somehow crawl underneath to get him, left the loc8tor near the opening he went into & went back to my house to get flashlight, but when I got the flashlight ready to head back outside my cat was outside my door & came inside then. I feel whatever was going on I got to my cat faster with loc8tor & my cat knew I was calling him when he heard the beeping noise. I am very pleased with this product, best money I spent in a long time. (Posted on 2/23/14)
LOOOOVE the Loc8tor! Review by COHikerGirl
I have two kitties who are typically enclosed within a cat-fenced back yard where they can enjoy the outdoors safely, when they don't opt to stay indoors. But every once in a while, one of them manages to find an escape route (if a squirrel chews through the cat fencing, for instance, leaving a hole atop the wooden portion of the fence). The Loc8tor tags have let us find our black kitty even in the darkest night when he was invisible (flashing red light and beeping are invaluable), and under/within the most hidden spots of our neighbors' yards. The ability to find them is vastly reassuring. My only suggestions to others are (1) check your batteries at least once per month, and (2) buy the splashguards. (Posted on 1/19/14)
A Life Saver Review by Jan W
I take my cat in the car every where I go. Once coming back to Boston, the window was open and somehow my cat got out of his cage and jumped out the window. When I arrive home he was not in car and I was terrified. I drove back the last 12 miles with Loc8tor pointed out the window. I went four times and on the last time, I had a faint beep on the handset, slammed on the brakes and lost the signal but started running till I pick up signal again. After jumping over hedges, fences I found him in the corner of a yard very upset. We were both happy to see each other. He was about 6 miles from home and I would never have found him without your loc8tor.
It saved his life and brought joy in my life. He is my best friend!
Thank you
(Posted on 12/16/13)
SAVED MY CAT'S LIFE!!!!! Review by Bob
We have a 1-year old cat (Teddy) who is only 8 lbs. -- far too small to wear a GPS device. We wanted to keep him inside, but he was so unhappy that we finally let him out with the Loc8tor Lite. Usually, Teddy stays near the house, but on Thanksgiving he disappeared, which was very unlike him. With the Loc8tor, we were able to track him to a tiny space under our wooden deck. He had been hit by a car, his body temperature had dropped to 91, and he was in shock. We rushed him to the vet, where he had emergency 4-hour surgery to repair a severed urethera. After a week in intensive care, Teddy is coming home tomorrow, and his prognosis is excellent. Were it not for the Loc8tor, we never would have found him and he would have died horribly. We will always be grateful for your product. THANK YOU!!!!!!! (Posted on 12/5/13)
Wouldn't have a pet without one Review by Krahns
It can train even the most nervous pet owner to trust their pet outdoors. We wanted to keep out cats indoors for safety but our Siamese is the "I'm-bored-bored-bored-bored-bored" type. He's even smart enough to know the beeping means I'm looking for him and he usually heads back home. Amazing product! (Posted on 10/14/13)
Best $99.99 I ever spent Review by Sheila
This device has saved me hours of searching. It has worked every time! I have 2 cats. One wanders off and the other hides. The wanderer went out of range one time. I got in my car and drove around nearby blocks..and sure enough it picked up a signal even in my car. We thank God every night for this device! (Posted on 9/7/13)
I tracked him to a neighbor's house about 1/4 mile away Review by Martina Akeson
Our 15 year-old cats get to go outside, but we call them in at night, since we live in a wooded area with Great Horned Owls and coyotes. Twice in the last year one cat has disappeared for about a month, then just shows up again, fat and happy, obviously well-fed and healthy. The first time he disappeared I walked into the woods searching and hoping to at least find some trace of him. I found nothing. I kept thinking there had to be a way to track him. This last time he disappeared and came back, I did a lot of searching on the internet and found this device.
I put it on his collar last yesterday, then let him out today. I just tracked him to a neighbor's house about 1/4 mile away. At first, walking around places I know he likes, I got no signal, but as I walked up the street, I suddenly heard a beep, saw a single red light, then, with every step, the lights lit up and I could hear the tag chirping, as I turned away from the chirping, the lights went back to yellow, and as I turned towards the chirping tag, the lights went to green and all the way to the top of the receiver unit. I knew I'd found either the cat, or at least his collar. I saw the neighbor and asked if I could look around her yard for my cat. She said they had been feeding him and loved having him around, he's such a sweet cat (yeah - I know!) Anyway, I was on the street and the cat was behind the house, under a covered patio - there was a distance of at least 30 feet and the entire house between the tag and the receiver and the signal was plenty strong. I scooped the cat up and brought him home (walking a quarter mile with a feisty Bengal is comical, in hindsight, though not at the time...)
(Posted on 7/31/13)
Awesome! Review by smedina
This loc8tor is absolutely Wonderful!. I have a young male cat who wonders away from our block a lot. In the past when I had trouble getting him in after 9pm, it could take almost 4 hours to finally find him & get him in the house. Now with the loc8tor if he doesn't come home after calling him a few times I can go out & find him in less than 20min. Plus one day he lost his collar but I didn't need to worry, I just went out with the loc8tor remote & found his collar in less than 5min. The loc8tor is such a blessing & wonderful to have. It really eases my mind & anxiety. (Posted on 7/16/13)
super efficient gadget was a good buy Review by Sydney
We had lots of trouble locating Katja our adventurous kitten. She wandered far from home in all directions around our 3 hectares wooded terrain.

Now, with the loc8tor, I can quickly find the direction and exact location, even when up trees. I hesitated when I saw the price, but for me this super efficient gadget was a good buy - even now after 3 months when I seldom need more that the initial direction. I am reaching the age when I will place place the receiver on my keyring which has many secret hiding places. Can strongly recommend. (Posted on 5/17/13)

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