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Perfect for my wondering cat Review by Steve Graft
I purchased the Loc8tor Pet last year for my wondering cat. I live in a rural area and there are many places my cat can hide and he sometimes wonders up to a half mile away from home. Before I purchased the Loc8tor, it would take me up to 2 hours to locate him. Now all I have to do is ride around in the car with the Loc8tor and I usually find him in less than 10 minutes. I am planning to upgrade to the Loc8tor Plus in the near future. (Posted on 7/17/13)
Very fast delivery Review by Georg O.P. Eschert
I ordered the Locator plus on July 2nd and it arrived today July 6th, indeed very fast. Advertisement is correct, it works great. Does also fit on my 3 month old cat-belt. Now I can go to work knowing that I at least have done some protection to my cat and bags, easy to locate. Wish that the instruction manual also would offer Japanese translation, my kids would certainly love to have one set for their 3 dogs and one cat as well (now I must explain it to them "my ex-wife will be happy to see me again I guess ?"). Already tried it out and it does work as promised, need to explore it further with time. Thank you for the fast delivery. 73 from Japan (KJ6ARR -- JR2FJI). (Posted on 7/6/13)
Good for cats Review by Frederick
We used to spend hours searching for one of our cats every day. Now I know where she hangs out, in the gigantic pond in front of her house. Now it takes me about 10 minutes to find her. No more staying up until 03:00 AM to wait for the cat that we al;ways thought was lost.
Thank you Loc8tor! (Posted on 5/29/13)
Phenomenal Product Review by Di
Hi, this is the 4th Loc8tor I have purchased as I bought one for a friend and then upgraded to the Loc8tor Plus which in my opinion is superior. I use this each and every day as my cats do not go into our massive garden without their collar/loc8tor. The great thing is how they respond to it. When I beep to search for them which is VERY often because I am a protective "Mummy" they come out of the thick bush they are playing in and run for a reassuring cuddle or tickle. I purchased this last one which is hopefully in the post as my 'back-up' should anything every happen to the current one. We are all hooked on this product as it means Tommy & Mia are safe which ultimately makes us happy and gives peace of mind. The bonus being that it is very tiny even on my slim cat's neck. Thank you for loving our animals enough to offer a product such as the Loc8tor. (Posted on 4/25/13)
I am good at mis-laying my keys and garage door opener. Now I don’t worry about it Review by Anna - texas
I now have 1 on each of my 3 cats, my car keys, and my garage door opener. It has saved me a great deal of time. Our new kitty hid out and I could have spent a long time looking for her. The loc8tor was a big help. I was a bit puzzled at first because it was homing on the corner of the wash room like she would be behind the dryer. She wasn’t. That’s when I learned that it will read from the floor above or below. She was hiding in the kitty tree-condo exactly above where I was. I spent a little time figuring that one out. I love my loc8tor.

I told my niece in Texas. She is a dispatcher for the police in Kerrville TX. One of her officers wanted to find out about it because they had an old lady who was forever losing her purse and such and calling the police to help her find it.

I am good at mis-laying my keys and garage door opener. Now I don’t worry about it. The loc8tor hand held resides in my china cupboard right along with my fine china.
(Posted on 7/10/12)
just wanted to tell you it performs very well in my application. Review by Jim Ransom - Australia
I live on a boat in a marina on the Central Coast of Queensland Australia and I have a 14 year old dog who can't hear as well as she used to.

She now has a loc8tor tag on here collar and not only does it tell me where she is around the marina but the beep on the tag lets her know I'm looking for her. More often than not she finds me!

Thank you for this time and worry saving device. It's amazing.
(Posted on 7/9/12)
Multi-purpose Loc8tor Plus Review by Daniela Ranzinger - USA
you may remember me from back in February when I ordered my first Loc8tor from you, and was so happily surprised by the excellent customer relationship you and Loc8tor Ltd is offering. I had ordered the PLUS model on a Saturday, got a most friendly phone call from your company on Monday and received the order on Tuesday...could not have been more perfect.
Now I am hoping that you can repeat this handling/shipping "miracle" for me as I am in dire need for the Loc8tor once again. No, I did not loose the 'old' one. Unfortunately, while on a road trip a couple of weeks ago, our vehicle got broken into and lots of items stolen. Since we had our little dogs with us, we had also taken the Loc8tor along, including all the parts, as in tags, protectors, replacement batteries, all in a ziplock bag, and all are now gone as well. Not a great way to start a hard earned vacation as you can imagine, as aside from the loss of the items we also suffered from that typical shock-syndrome, the feeling of violation and vulnerability, common to anyone who has ever been a victim of burglars.

So, now I am trying to replace some of the stolen items, the Loc8tor being one of the first I have to get. If by any chance I have overlooked any promotions, similar to when I ordered the first time around, when I received some free protectors, I believe, I would appreciate it so very much if you could 'throw' them in, or charge me less...which ever option is possible.

By the way - the Loc8tor has proven itself invaluable in helping to find my small dogs (Chihuahuas) or somewhat ornery cats when they are hiding relatively close by. The biggest 'problem' of the Loc8tor is that walls or uneven terrain are limiting it's range quite a bit. We live in the countryside with barns, trees, bushes and lots of pasture around us, and when looking for one particular cat that just loves play 'catch' with us, we have to walk quite a ways, criss-crossing the land in order to get close enough for the Loc8tor to pick up the signal. Wished it had more 'power' in that respect, but otherwise it is simply great...especially with those cats who love to watch us close by without being seen.
The device is also a wonderful way for us to keep tab on our 6 year old autistic granddaughter.

Thanks again for the way you handled my first order, and because of that I did not even check around for anyone selling your product within the USA, but went directly back to your website in good 'ole' England, to receive it from you once more.
(Posted on 7/9/12)
Found it in a few minutes Review by Loana Kocsis - Atlanta USA
We have 4 cats and 2 of them kept wondering very far . They would even be gone for several days. Now that we have Loc8tor Plus is sooo easy to find them. I already know all of their palces, so I just walk out of the house do a 360 search and there you have it! Found in a few minutes. (Posted on 7/9/12)
Grat for finding downed RC planes in the bush Review by Wayne Robbins
Certainly increases the odds in finding downed RC plane in the bush. Used it today and it took me straight to it, a grat investment (Posted on 5/11/12)
Essential for their safety Review by Victoria
We've had the Loc8tor Plus for 18 months now and I can honestly say we would NEVER do without this again. Just this morning, I found our male Bengal cat, who had been missing for a night, in our neighbour's shed. The only reason I knew where he was, after a sleepless night, was because I held the receiver over the top of the fence, where it was able to pick up his tag's signal from the neighbour's garden shed.

Having the signal & receiver means you know exactly where to look.

This device eliminates any worries about your cat/dog having been run over & lying helplessly injured in a ditch or garden, since if you were driving or walking past, the signal would be picked up.

The signal gets blocked by brick houses but is excellent with wooden houses. We've found our cats when they've been exploring under houses and they know that the beeping tag on their collar means they are being sought. This means the cats can (almost) always be found so they are at home at night. I always know that even if I can't hear their bells or see them, if the Loc8tor picks up their tag signals, it means they are not far away.

Just remember to ensure the batteries on both the receiver & the tags are not flat! (Posted on 5/6/12)

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