Train your cat to come home

14 August 2014

Here at Loc8tor we are always looking to discover new ways to use your devices, and something that we have long known about is our customers who train their cats to respond to the beeps emitted by the mini homing tags when they are trying to locate them.

With some simple training using treats or tit-bits, you can get your cat to understand that when you press the button on the handset to find them, that they will get some food. This is often enough for most cats to start their journey home, often meaning that you don't even need to get up out of your armchair to call them in.

One of our customers - Jennifer Woodman in Australia - had this to say:- "We purchased a Loc8tor so we could find our beloved kitten when we let him out into the yard to play. Worked "Wonderfully" and are extremely  pleased with the product. We tell everyone! Now he has grown into a cat (nearly one year old) and wanders a little farther from home. However we have found that when we turn the Loc8tor on he actually comes to us! This is so good. We don't have to annoy the neighbours by continually calling 'MITCH'. He responds to the buzzing on his collar."

So, don't just take our word for it! Our customers are our greatest endorsement. Thanks Jennifer!

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