Tags For Tortoises - Alison's Story

9 September 2014

Thank you so much for the extremely swift turn around with the Loc8tor mini homing tag that my son told me was faulty. I should not have believed a 16 year old boy who has just got a list of GCSE results that reads like the list on the back of a multivitamin packet and who is in love to boot, especially having given him £10 to go and buy new batteries !!!

As you can see Margaret and Dennis Thathcher are enjoying the last of the summer rays and will shortly be coming in each night. The tags have been an absolute god send as we can now find them even more easily at night as the tags light up. I can thoroughly recommend the tags for tortoises and have stuck the rubber cases on with super glue, as yet they have been attached for 2 years.

Thank you and the team for me it was very generous not to charge me but I shall not be letting the errant teenager off so lightly!

By the way, the gin and tonic (and handbag!) in the background are mine, not the tortoises!

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