Loc8tor Lite

Directs you exactly where to find those small but essential items that always seem to go missing

Much more accurate than standard audio key finders - If you can't remember where you put it, or someone's hidden it, Loc8tor Lite will find it, quickly and easily. The credit card-sized handset gives you audio and visual cues to lead you straight to what you're looking for, with 1-inch accuracy, in a way in which no other device can

Works through doors and walls - With a range up to 122m/400ft (in clear line of sight) it can help ensure you won't lose anything again

Smallest, lightest and best performing mini homing tag of its kind in the world - Keys are one of the most common household items that regularly go missing, but at only 5 grams, you can attach the small tag to virtually anything

Money-back guarantee - We're so sure you'll love Loc8tor Lite that we're happy to offer a money-back guarantee. Simply return it in its box, in the same condition you received it, and we'll refund your money


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