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How it works

Loc8tor (Lite, Pet and Plus) uses a blend of exciting new technologies and traditional radio frequency (RF) technology to provide the only locating device of its kind – it even tells you exactly which way to walk to find your lost item.

In the video below our very own Anthony talks you through how the loc8tor lite works.

Loc8tor is incredibly easy to use

Simply select the item you want to locate from a personalised drop down list (Loc8tor Plus) and the Handset will pick up the tag's signal – it even works through doors, walls and drawers.
The tag's signal is translated into clear audio and visual prompts on the handset guiding you in which direction to walk.

See the video below for an explanation on how Loc8tor pet works.

Both Tags and Handset transmit and receive radio signals

Once a Tag has been registered to a Handset only that Handset can locate that specific Tag.

The handset has a maximum range of 183 metres / 600 feet based on clear line of sight and can guide you in to within 2.5 cm / 1 inch of the lost or misplaced item. Audio beeps and a flashing light are also emitted by the Tag to help you home in on the items specific location.
Both Tags and Handset run off batteries (supplied), can be used indoors or out and importantly there are no ongoing monthly charges – just the one-off purchase price. How easy is that?

In the video below Anthony takes us through the Loc8tor plus