Loc8tor Lite

A helping hand when you need it most, allowing you and loved ones to quickly find things that have gone missing

The world's smallest, lightest and best performing item finder of its kind -Our mini homing tags weigh just 0.17 ounces and can be easily attached to almost anything, including house keys, wallet or purse, cellphone, TV remote control – whatever you need

The only tracker that actually shows you where to find your things - The credit card-sized handset uses both lights and sounds to direct you to your lost items. It's the only device of its kind in the world that can do this

Works through doors and walls - With a range up to 400ft (122m) in clear line of sight, it can find anything around the house and neighborhood and guide you to it to within 1 inch accuracy in even the most hard-to-find places

Suitable for visually impaired - Specially made so that it can be used by visually impaired and blind individuals, Loc8tor Lite features Braille-like textured buttons on the handset, and provides audio cues to make finding your items even easier


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