Handset & New Tag batteries

Loc8tor Pet/Lite Handset & Tag Batteries will provide you with the correct replacement batteries for your Loc8tor handset & new tag

Includes 2 replacement CR2032 (3 volt) lithium cell batteries for your Loc8tor handset & new tag. Please note that the Loc8tor handset only uses one CR2032 cell at a time

Compatible alternative cell batteries:
DL2032 | BR2032 | KL2032 | L2032 | ECR2032 | 5004LC | KCR2032 | E-CR2032 | KECR2032 | SB-T15 | L14

These batteries (and compatible variants) are widely available, and are commonly used in a wide variety of car alarm keyfobs, cameras, digital thermometers, calculators, watches and many other consumer products

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