Loc8tor GPS for Kids

Accurate, long-range tracking to find your child if they go missing, or to warn you if they wander off.

Find your child almost anywhere- The latest GPS technology lets you track your child to within 16ft (5m) accuracy, quickly and easily

Instant wander alert - Set up a virtual safe zone and get an alert to your phone if your child wanders away

Peace of mind they’ve arrived safely - As well as seeing where they are and where they’ve been you can also be informed they’ve arrived safely or are on their way home

Panic Feature - The in-built panic button will send an instant alert or email, allowing your child to let you know that they need your help

Ready to go, out the box - The feature-packed device lets you see where your child is on a detailed, real-time map on your cellphone, tablet or laptop with absolutely no set-up


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