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Never lose your cat with a Loc8tor Cat Tracker

There is nothing more worrying than the possibility of losing your much loved cat. Loc8tor's multi-award-winning, cat locating and cat tracking devices can help to put your mind at rest. Loc8tor is designed to be exceptionally easy to use and it's already saved thousands of cats throughout the world from getting lost. Gain peace of mind by knowing exactly where your cat is at all times, and that you can be guided to within a few inches of their location by using a small, simple handheld locating device, which will home in on a very small, lightweight tag which can easily be attached to your cats collar.

Which Cat Tracker will you choose?

Loc8tor Cat Trackers are arguably the best available in the market today. Our award-winning patented aerial technology ensures that our homing tags used with the Loc8tor Pet and Loc8tor Plus are amongst the smallest available, with the best possible range. Can you really put a price on the safety of your pet? Select from our range of cat tracking products:-


Find your cat instantly with the Loc8tor Cat Tracker

Loc8tor Pet

• Ideal for tracking your cat
• One of the smallest tags in the market, fits easily on your Cat’s collar
• Credit Card sized handset guides you to your cat
• Range up to 122 meters / 400 feet
• No additional fees, one off purchase

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Loc8tor Pet Bundle

•   Ideal for finding your pet in the house, garden and neighbourhood.
•   Perfect for tracking up to 4 cats, tortoises and other small animals.
•   Range up to 122 meters / 400 feet.
•   Supplied with 4 mini homing tags and splashproof tag cases.
•   The credit card sized pet tracker guides you which way to walk, it even works through doors and walls.

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Loc8tor Plus

Loc8tor Plus

• Ideal for tracking more than 4 cats
• Small lightweight tag fits easily on your Cat’s collar
• Alert mode which lets you know when your cat moves outside of a pre-determined ‘safe zone’
• Range up to 183 meters / 600 feet
• No additional fees, one off purchase

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Why choose a Loc8tor Cat Tracker?

Loc8tor Pet Tags

The smallest Tags on the Market

Thanks to our patented aerial technology, Loc8tor are able to offer some of the smallest most accurate tracking tags available anywhere in the world. This means that our tags are extremely lightweight and comfortable for your cat, and also extremely easy to locate from your cat tracker handset.

Easy to use, accurate handsets

Our handsets are so straightforward, even a young child can use them to find their toys. The tracking device will beep to tell you exactly where the tag and your pet are located. This is best demonstrated via the demonsration video, the video has been created by one of our many satisfied customers. See how she uses a Loc8tor Plus cat tracking device to find her cat.

Loc8tor Pet Demo

Loc8tor Product Suggestion

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“When my cats go out I use Loc8tor Pet and I know where they are, It can even make the tags beep and flash so I can see and hear them. They have even started to learn to come home when their tag beeps as they know they’ll get a reward for responding.”


“Like many, if not most cats, Clive pretty much does his own thing. We have always tried to have him inside before dark but he sometimes managed to elude us and vanish not returning until the wee small hours. With the Loc8tor Pet we have been able to track him and now know that he is off on his cat business in the bush opposite our ( his ) house several hundreds of metres away. Even better, and much to our astonishment, he now comes home once he has been " beeped " for a few minutes. This has changed our lives. Thank you Loc8tor for a truly fantastic product.Walter Guthrie More reviews