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Business Asset Protection

Loc8tor Asset Protection: Protect Your Business!

GPS & RF Business Asset Tracking and Protection

The Loc8tor tracking devices and homing device technology has been used by small and large businesses alike all over the world from the John Lewis Group in the UK to Police Forces around the world, to help effectively reduce theft, shrinkage, quickly locate, find, important assets and provide emergency assistance. Loc8tor offers low cost tracking devices to trial which makes it exceptionally easy to evaluate, ensuring products meet requirements before its use is expanded throughout the organisation.

Loc8tor's Locate mode directs you which way to walk to find any tagged item even working through doors and walls. Ideal to find laptops, cameras, keys, mobile devices and selected items of stock.

Loc8tor's Alert mode enables you to set an invisible boundary for each Tag and warns as soon as the item has crossed your designated safety zone with a vibration alert, audio alarm and visual cue identifying the item. Once an Alert is activated you can immediately switch over to locate to identify where the ‘stolen’ item is. Loc8tor panic homing tags have a security alert panic feature button, enables a third party to be notified that immediate help is needed.


Listed below are a few of the many examples, of how Loc8tor can be of benefit to help businesses track assets or lone staff. If you’d like to find out more or discuss using Loc8tor as a corporate gift with your own logo please contact us about bespoke tracking needs on +44 208 207 0880 or fill out our enquiry form.

Tracking Assets Business - Loss Prevention

A household retailer found their in-store bar code scanners were being regularly misplaced. By attaching Loc8tor Tags to all their handheld scanners and other important mobile devices they were able to quickly find items. This significantly reduced accidental loss recouping their investment in no time and saving a significant amount of manpower searching for the devices.

Tracking Valuables - Postal Service Companies

Use Loc8tor as a deterrent to reduce theft. Packages containing our Tags are put through the postal system. The Alert mode is used to warn if a package has been removed from the sorting office without authorisation. Mobile security teams are then able to ascertain whether a suspected individual has an unauthorised parcel on them and pin point it’s exact location to with 2.5cm / 1 inch. The Locate mode with a range of up to 183 metres / 600 feet also enables sorting offices, the car park even a third party address to be searched without invading any individuals privacy with the subsequent appropriate action to be taken with confidence.

Security Police Forces, FBI, University

Law enforcement agencies use Loc8tor in a variety of different ways.
They integrate our technology with GPS to identify the location of stolen goods. GPS directs them to the area, block of flats or garages. Loc8tor then directs then to which flat, garage etc and where exactly it is to within 2.5cm / 1 inch. Several successful convictions have been achieved, using our advanced technology and specialist tracking devices.
Used to detect if a ‘selected’ item has been stolen and identify the person who stole it.
Used to help keep track of keys and other assets within the building where replacement costs are expensive. Also used on breathalysers to ensure they’re not left behind on the roadside.

British Foreign and Common Wealth Office, Nursing Homes, Buyers of Assistive technologies

Use the Panic feature of the Loc8tor plus homing tag tracking device. If assistance is required the discreet Panic button on homing device can be pressed immediately alerting security or any third party that help is needed and who required it.