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Imagine never having to hunt for anything again!

The world's leading key finder...
                                    can help you find almost anything!

Don't just think Key Finder. Think Item Finder!

The fabulous Loc8tor Lite and Loc8tor Plus can help you find anything that you can attach one of their mini homing tags to, giving them far greater use than just finding your lost keys. Both devices use an electronic game of hot and cold to direct you exactly to the location of your lost item, using both audio and visual cues. Not only that, the Loc8tor Plus has an additional operating mode: Alert Mode, which will notify you if a tagged item goes beyond a certain (predetermined) range.

Never lose anything ever again!

The mini homing tags that come supplied with the Loc8tor Lite and Loc8tor Plus are some of the smallest available on the market, thanks to our patented aerial technology, and also boast a huge range of up to 600 ft with the Loc8tor Plus (400 ft with the Loc8tor Lite). You can attach them to your keys, your cell phone, your TV remote control, handbag, luggage, in fact, almost anything. The Loc8tor Lite also features braille keys, so can easily be used by those with sight impairment.

Both the Loc8tor Lite and Loc8tor Plus come with our two-year manufacturers warranty and 14 day "no-questions" money back guarantee, so the only choice you have to make now, is which one will you buy?

Loc8tor Lite

Loc8tor Lite

  • • Loc8tor Lite is the world's leading Key Finder, but can be used to find almost anything!
  • • Use the credit card sized handset to find everyday items in the house, garden and around the neighborhood, from lost keys to your TV remote control.
  • • Finds lost items even in the hardest to find places and actually guides you which way to walk using visual and audio cues.
  • • Works through doors and walls. Range up to 122 meters / 400 feet (in clear line of sight).

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Loc8tor Plus

Loc8tor Plus

  • • The perfect item locator - will find your lost keys, TV remote control, in fact it can help you find almost any lost possession.
  • • Ideal early warning device. The Alert mode informs you the instant any tagged item moves outside of your pre-determined safe zone. Great if you have a tendency to leave things behind!
  • • Can't remember where you left it? The Loc8tor handset can also be used to see which direction it is and guide you which way to walk to find it.
  • • Also works through doors and walls. Range up to 183 meters / 600 feet (in clear line of sight).

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How Loc8tor Keyfinders work...

How Loc8tor Lite works

1. Attach a mini homing tag to your item (e.g. keys, wallet, cell phone, kids teddy, etc).

2. When you need to find your lost item, the handset guides you which way to walk using audio and visual cues.

3. It even works through doors and walls. Loc8tor will lead the way – meaning you find whatever it is you're looking for quickly and easily!

Please Note: Loc8tor Plus uses the screen to identify the name of the tag, and to direct you exactly where to find it, also using audio and visual cues.

2 year warranty and 14 day money back guarantee


Chicago Tribune

“ I hooked a tag to my car keys and tossed them into the back yard. Standing at my back door, I fired up the Loc8tor Lite and let its beeping lead me to the keys 60 feet away. ”

NBC News

“ A tracking device for household items like keys and the remote or your cell phone that works great on wandering kids! ”

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The smallest RFID tags available

With the Longest Range

Loc8tor Lite Pack “ I just bought the Loc8tor Lite package, and I'm absolutely gobsmacked! The first thing I've done is immediately to order two more tags. I've been looking for just such a device for ages and am delighted to have found it at last. I can hardly believe how you have miniaturised the whole thing and yet packed it with such superb functionality! It's fan-bloody-tastic, and I think you should be nominated for a Nobel Prize! And I shall most definitely tell all my friends all about it. Well done, many thanks, and best regards. ”C. Graham, South Africa Read more