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About Loc8tor

Loc8tor Ltd. is a UK based technology company that has developed and brought to market award-winning tagging, locating and tracking devices that help find track and locate important possessions and can even stop them from getting lost in the first place.

By blending the best of old and new technology Loc8tor provides the first affordable homing device of its kind that actually guides you which way to walk. Loc8tor tracking devices can be used across a myriad of personal and professional applications to tag, track and locate almost anything.

How Loc8tor came about 

The original concept came from the real life situations of a busy household – from trying to keep track of three young active children out and about (Alert mode), to giving the kids the ability to contact a parent if there was a problem (Panic mode). On top of that, there was the need to find everyday items: keys, mobile phones, glasses, TV remotes (which went missing daily), and not forgetting the cat who would typically hide until the kids had gone to bed (Locate mode). The device evolved from there.

Different uses for different applications

For young and old, pet lovers to parents and gadget lovers to grandparents, Loc8tor is designed to be exceptionally easy to use and helps avoid that feeling of frustration when you mislay your valuables. Loc8tor's versatility means it can be used in almost any situation by simply attaching the tag to any item you want to protect.

10,000s of Loc8tor tracking devices and units have already been sold to date to customers in over 30 countries with the type of customers, applications it is used for and how it’s sold varying greatly.

Loc8tor devices are also used in the following areas:

  • Enterprises : Locating important assets, finding mobile devices, security and loss prevention. Customers include numerous different types of businesses, Postal services and Waitrose to name a few.
  • Security Services : Used by bodyguards, the Police, FBI and various other security services as well as protecting Cash in transit.
  • Special Projects : We regularly take on custom projects. These have been hugely diverse from designing a super durable livestock tag, prototype car finder for a car manufacturer through to the simpler private labeling of our existing products.

Design and Control Quality

All of our Loc8tor products are designed and fully prototyped in the UK to ensure we maintain control every step of the way. Whilst assembly takes place in China, rigorous quality control processes ensure every unit is tested and up to our very particular standards.

Loc8tor is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 and comes with the backing of our Loc8tor manufacturers warranty.


For the RFID aficionados out there, and to the best of our knowledge, we have the best performing active RFID tag of its kind on the market. Our tags provide a combination of small size, great range and accuracy from up to 183 metres away, guiding users in to within 2.5cm of their lost item.

Loc8tor in the future

We are constantly developing, improving the existing range and working on new exciting projects. Watch this space for news we’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline!

Want to see if Loc8tor is suitable for your needs?

To discuss a specific project please contact us by:
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Phone : +44 208 207 0880 (Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm GMT : UK time)


Use any of our Loc8tor tracking devices and you will never again have the fear of losing anything!


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“When my cats go out I use Loc8tor Pet and I know where they are, It can even make the tags beep and flash so I can see and hear them. They have even started to learn to come home when their tag beeps as they know they’ll get a reward for responding.”

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